The Right Move

Feeling stuck in your career? Undervalued at work? Ready for a change? 

We understand that traditional job search methods like keyword searches, peer advice, and random job boards are no longer effective. It's time to revolutionize your career journey with our innovative platform designed to help you find meaningful opportunities and achieve your professional goals.

Lagom - Pioneering the New Era of Career Search

Lagom is an AI-powered personalized career agent designed to help you find your very own next step in an ever-changing world. Here’s how it works:

Why Lagom?

Lagom is a completely new way of navigating your way into your next position. It is smart, effortless, multi-faceted, and personalized. We are focused on maximizing your next-step success. We achieve that by understanding you, understanding the fast moving landscape of available positions, and by leveraging the experience of many millions of others, all with the use of a proprietary AI model. In short, your right move is through Lagom.